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While studying Massage Therapy at the Swedish Institute in New York City, Eileen took an “Intro to Reflexology” Class. She started to notice positive changes in her sleep patterns, digestion, PMS symptoms, increased energy as well as other subtle changes. She did not change anything else with her diet or exercise. Not fully convinced these changes were directly from receiving Reflexology, she decided to schedule regular sessions from her teacher. She continued to feel better and experienced less anxiety/stress and maintained an overall sense of balance. Eileen trained to become a Reflexologist at the Swedish Institute and became ARCB Board Certified in Reflexology in 2007. She has since continued her education by attending workshops and trainings with a variety of teachers. Reflexology is one of Eileen’s favorite techniques, she loves how reflexology can bring each client into a deep state of relaxation.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a protocol of manual techniques, such as thumb and finger-walking, hook and backup and rotating-on-a-point, applied to specific reflex areas predominantly on the feet and hands. These techniques stimulate the complex neural pathways linking body systems, supporting the body’s efforts to function optimally. The effectiveness of reflexology is recognized worldwide by various national health institutions and the public as a distinct complementary practice within the holistic health field.

Reflexology During Pregnancy

Studies show that receiving regular Reflexology sessions throughout pregnancy can actually reduce duration of labor and pain during childbirth. Reflexology can help with the many symptoms and side-effects of pregnancy such as: Digestive issues, insomnia, RLS, Headache, Sinus Congestion and relief from swelling and sciatica. Eileen is certified in Pregnancy Reflexology and is competent in techniques that are safe throughout Pregnancy.

Postnatal Massage & Reflexology:

Congratulations!! You've made it!
And it was worth the wait, but 9 months of extreme changes both hormonally and physically have put a lot of stress on both your posture and emotions. Now the focus seems to be on the baby, very rarely do people ask the new Mom "How are YOU doing?". The few weeks and even months after giving birth are crucial times in a woman's life. Some women experience postpartum depression, fatigue, muscle soreness, fear and feeling overwhelmed. Massage can help the new mother feel more relaxed and increase circulation to help detoxify the body naturally.

Postnatal Reflexology can help the new mother in the following ways:
Reduces anxiety and tension.
Aids in balancing hormones and emotions.
Increases vitality and aids restful sleep.
Gain a better sense of self, especially after a long labor or traumatic birth experience.
Pain associated with breastfeeding: tender/sore breasts, neck/shoulder pain, arm/wrist pain.
DON'T FORGET YOUR PARTNER! Partners also experience an adjustment period postpartum and massage can help ease tension and relieve stress.


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I believe I'm older than most other EarthySoul clients. In my 70's, I have a number of aches and pains that I hoped Eileen could help me with. I was not disappointed. She is knowledgeable and skilled and, just as importantly, personable and caring. I highly recommend Eileen.
Jean K.
I can't say enough good things about Eileen. I started seeing her almost 5 years ago for prenatal massage, and since then I have seen her for postnatal and Swedish massage, as well as reflexology. She is calm, considerate, and very attentive to the client's needs. Highly recommend!
Charlotte G.
Eileen at Earthy Soul is positively amazing. I am pregnant with twins and started visiting her at about 24 weeks pregnant and have been more than pleased with every session. She is both knowledgeable and caring, and takes the time to listen ...
Colleen O.
Eileen does business the way we wish everyone would do it -- she takes time to listen and understand any special problems or concerns her client may have; she is thorough; and she is compassionate. I also appreciate that she continues to ...
Sharon L.

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